Activate a professional license

If you bought a professional license from you can find your license on the invoice you received. With this license, you can activate GHEtool Pro on one machine. This is important, since if you would like to switch the license to another PC, you first have to Deactivate the license.

To activate the GHEtool Pro license, go to Settings and select Activate Pro license


Please make sure you are connected to the internet when you try to activate a license.

Activate Pro license

Next, you enter the license in the input box and press Okay.

Input the Pro license


You can validate that your license has been activated if your company name is in the top bar of the program window. Also, the calculation and report buttons should be enabled.


If you get the warning that the ‘license validation has failed’, this is mostly due to the fact that the license has already been activated on another machine. Since each license can be only activated a certain amount of times, you need to Deactivate the license on the other machine.

Deactivate the license

In order to deactivate the license, one has to go to Settings and select Deactivate Pro license.

Deactivate the Pro license