Get to know the interface

This article shows you the general structure of the GHEtool Pro interface. The figure below shows a schematic overview of the different features and buttons of the tool. Below the figure, we will go into depth about what you can find here.

GHEtool interface

Scenario management

Every calculation you do within GHEtool is done in a scenario. This left bar handles everything related to the management of all those different scenario’s. You can add new scenario’s, delete them, rename them and move them around by dragging-and-dropping. With update scenario you can save changes you made to the program.

Input tabs

For every calculation, different information is needed. All these inputs are structured in tabs, being:

  • Aim The first tab determines what you will be calculating in this specific scenario.

  • Options The option tab contains aim-specific options.

  • Borefield Here the borefield configuration can be chosen.

  • Earth The earth tab contains information about the ground thermal properties and the simulation options.

  • Thermal Resistance This tab contains the information w.r.t. the thermal resistance of the borehole.

  • Thermal Demand Here one can enter the thermal demand for the borefield.

  • Results Here one can find the results once a scenario is calculated.

  • Report This tab contains all the information w.r.t. the report like a scenario description.

  • Settings This tab contains settings for the project.

Input area

For every tab, the specific inputs are shown in this area. The inputs that are shown can very depending on the options that where selected, the aim you chose etc.

Action buttons

These buttons are only clickable when you have activated the software either with a trial license or with a bought one. You can calculate the current scenario, calculate all scenario’s or export everything to a pdf-report.


The last important part of the interface are the settings buttons. When first opening the tool, two options are shown: request a trial license and buy a pro license.

If you already have a license, you can activate it by clicking on settings. Under settings you also can find the user manual of GHEtool Pro.